How to Play 30 Ball Speed Bingo Online

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There is a relatively new form of bingo, mostly played over the internet, known as 30 Ball Bingo, or Speed Bingo. The rules of the game are very similar to 75 Ball Bingo except that the game utilizes only 30 numbered balls, a smaller bingo card, and it progresses much faster than a standard bingo game.

The speed of the game has generated mass popularity in its short time of existence. Online bingo players generally have only so much time to play around on the computer, and the more games they are able to get in within a single hour, the better their chances of winning before they have to return to the routine of everyday life. Also, due to the game’s haste, the card prices are often very cheap.

In 30 Ball Bingo, the cards consist of a 3×3 grid of 9 numbered squares. Each column will contain random numbers of 1-10 in the first column, 11-20 in the second column and 21-30 in the third column.

In a live 30 ball bingo game, the Bingo Caller will stand next to a cage containing all of the numbered bingo balls, 1-30. As the cage rotates, one ball will pop out at a time. The caller takes this ball, displays it to the players and calls out its number. Players will look at their cards and mark off the called number where it appears on any of their cards.

The object of the game is always the same. Each player is attempting to mark off all of the numbers on their card. There are no patterns involved, as found in the traditional 75 Ball version. The first player to mark of all 9 numbers on their card, called a “Full House”, wins the game and the corresponding prize. If two or more players achieve a Full House at the same time, the prize is generally split between the winners.

How to Play 30 Ball Speed Bingo Online

Speed Bingo is most often played at online bingo sites, along with all other forms of bingo. The rules are exactly the same as detailed above except that the software program takes the place of a live caller and guarantees that winners will always be awarded instantly, without error. A player can choose to mark off their own cards, or use the preferred Auto-Daub feature. Either way, if all of the numbers on a card are called, the card will automatically be declared a winner, whether the player correctly marked the numbers or not. Because it is a computerized game, 30 ball bingo online is the fastest way to play bingo.

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