How to Play 75 Ball North American Bingo Online

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The traditional North American version of bingo, widely known as 75 Ball Bingo, is the original form of the game, dating back to the late 1920s. It is the most commonly played bingo game across North America, and is the highest source of charity derived funds throughout the US.  75 Ball Bingo is played with one or more bingo cards consisting of a 5×5 grid, each marked with numbers ranging from 1-75. The 5 columns across the grid are each marked with a letter, spelling out the name of the game, B-I-N-G-O.

The numbers contained within each column are random, but consist of an eligible group of only 15 numbers. For example, the B column can only have numbers between 1 and 15, while the I column would only range from 16-30, and so on.

The N column is a little different in 75 Ball Bingo because it contains the center square on the grid. The center square is a reserved FREE space. It is automatically considered a marked square on the grid. Thus the N column will only have four actually numbers ranging from 31-45.

In a live bingo hall, a set of 75 bingo balls, all marked with the numbers 1-75, are placed in a large, rounded cage. This cage spins until a bingo ball pops out. A person known as the Bingo Caller will pick up the ball, display it to the crowd of players and call out its letter and number, such as O-61. All players then look at their cards and if they have a 61 in the O column, they will mark it off. In the old days, players used beans to cover the called numbers on their cards, but now they use oversized translucent markers, known as daubers.

Players will have to complete whatever pattern the current bingo game calls for. The traditional way to play was to complete any full line of 5 numbers, whether it be across, down or diagonal. The most common way to play today is to complete a picture pattern within the 5×5 grid, such as a coffee cup or umbrella. Another form, known as Coverall or Blackout Bingo, requires the player to daub all numbers on the bingo card.

The first player to complete the pattern will stand up and shout “Bingo!” Another staff member will come by, check the card for an accurate bingo and declare the player as winner of the game, assuming the card was correctly daubed.

How to Play 75 Ball Bingo Online

In online bingo, the rules of the game are the same, but players are not required to actually do anything. The software is so advanced that all cards are instantly marked correctly and a bingo winner is automatically declared the moment a bingo occurs. Players are allowed to turn off the Auto-Daub option, but if they win, it is still automatically declared, whether the winning card was marked correctly or not.

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