How to Play 90 Ball Bingo Online

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90 Ball Bingo is the favored bingo game all across Europe. Derived from the traditional North American version of 75 Ball Bingo, the European form uses more numbers, 1 through 90, on a more diversely designed ticket that allows for up to 3 winners per game, instead of the usual single winner in 75 Ball Bingo.

A 90 ball bingo ticket consists of a grid with 3 rows and 9 columns. Although there are 27 squares in all, only 15 of them will actually contain numbers. Each column of 3 is restricted to a range of specific numbers. The first column may contain numbers of 1-9, second column 10-19, then 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, and finally 80-90 in the last column. Each row of 9 will contain 5 numbers in random squares along the grid.

In the front of the bingo hall, a large wire cage holds all of the balls, numbered 1-90. The cage spins and releases the balls one at a time. The Bingo Caller will take the ball that pops out, display it to the players in the hall and call out its number. The players use a dauber, a large highlighter style marker, to mark off the number if it appears on any of their tickets.

There are three ways to win at 90 Ball Bingo. The first player to mark off all 5 numbers on a single row is the “One Line” winner, and is awarded a small prize. The game continues from there and the first player to successfully mark off two rows of 5 numbers is the “Two Line” winner, and is awarded another small to medium sized prize. Again, the 90 ball bingo game continues and the player to mark off all 15 numbers in all three rows of their bingo ticket is said to have a “Full House”, and thereby wins the largest prize of all. At this point the game is over. Players may purchase new tickets and prepare to play the next round of 90 ball bingo.

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo Online

90 Ball Bingo is played in the exact same manner in an online bingo room, however, the software creates for a less interactive game. Players can choose to mark their own cards if they wish, but the Auto-Daub feature is generally preferred. All numbers are instantly marked as they are called, and winners are automatically declared. Even if a player choose to daub their own tickets and misses a few numbers, a winning ticket will still be declared regardless of its correct or incorrect markings. This allows the player to enjoy the bingo chat feature and not worry about missing out on a win, creating a more relaxed atmosphere for all players.

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