Understanding online casino withdrawal limits

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If you’re completely new to online casino gambling, you might run into a slight difficulty with your very first withdrawal – that is, if you come up against your casino’s withdrawal limit and maximum cashout rules. Contrary to what you might think, you can’t simply withdraw as much you like, whenever you like; instead, you’ll have to stick to certain guidelines and only withdraw certain amounts at certain intervals. But what does it all mean, and how do you know when and how much you’re able to withdraw? Let’s take a look at what withdrawal limits actually mean, and make things as simple as possible for you.

What are online casino withdrawal limits?
As you’ll soon come to realize, once you become a more experienced player, online casinos place various limits on withdrawals, such as the amount you’re able to withdraw, the frequency with which you’re able to withdraw, the times you’re able to make withdrawals, and more. It’s important to take note of these considerations and guidelines, as if you’re not aware of them, you could find your withdrawal request declined, lengthening the process unnecessarily and causing significant frustration.

As we’ve already mentioned, withdrawal limits aren’t usually considered by first-time or beginner players. And why should they be? Surely you can just sign up to an online casino, claim your welcome bonus, play as much as you like, and then withdraw as much as you want? That’s how it works, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Most online casinos will in fact have withdrawal limits in place – a cap on the amount of money you’re able to withdraw at any one time. These limits will vary from casino to casino, and are often influenced by your player status as well, such as whether you’re a regular player, a high roller or a VIP. Some casinos have daily limits, some have weekly limits, some have monthly limits, and so on. The important part is that you familiarise yourself with these limits before making your first withdrawal, so you don’t run the risk of having your request denied.

The best place to find out more about withdrawal limits? Your online casino’s terms and conditions (which you should actually read before starting to play anyway). Yes they’re long and dull, but they also contain important information, a lot of which could help make your life as a casino player easier, if you bear them in mind throughout. Once you’re aware of what your online casino’s stance is on withdrawals, you can then work out how to request a successful withdrawal without it being declined for any reason. So if your casino has a daily limit, you could try to request X amount every day until you’ve accumulated the full amount you wanted to withdraw in the first place. It’s workarounds like these that will help you navigate the potential obstacles that these limits can sometimes cause, and result in the successful withdrawals you’re looking for.

What are withdrawal time limits?
It’s not just withdrawal amount limits you’ll have to pay attention to – you’ll need to bear withdrawal time limits in mind as well. These are limits on the number of times you’re able to make a withdrawal, and often the actual time of day you’re allowed to make a withdrawal as well.

Most casinos impose both time and amount withdrawal limits, giving you specific guidelines as to when and how much you’re allowed to withdraw, e.g. $500 every Wednesday. These guidelines often don’t apply to high rollers however, as given the large sums they’re capable of winning, having lower withdrawal limits could cause unnecessary hassle. As such, many sites offer higher withdrawal limits to VIPs and high rollers, usually as part of a loyalty programme, and highlighting their elevated status. Regular players will be subject to the casino’s usual guidelines though, as laid out in the terms and conditions.

Working around withdrawal limits
Even though you might have a good understanding of your particular casino’s withdrawal limits, it’s still understandably frustrating when you want to withdraw a certain amount, and you find out you have to withdraw it in increments, rather than a single lump sum. The good news though is that you’ll still be able to withdraw it – you’ll simply have to request a series of withdrawals over time, rather than one giant payment. There are exceptions to this rule however, such as in the case of you winning a huge jackpot; very few casinos would force you to withdraw a six or seven-figure amount over a series of months in order to claim the full sum. You would need to check with customer service ahead of time to find out whether your casino would support this. (Tip: if you’re chatting to customer service, you might as well ask them about raising your withdrawal limits at the same time. They might or they might not, but it never hurts to ask.)

Playing like a high roller
As we’ve mentioned, regular withdrawal limits often don’t apply to VIPs and high rollers, for the simple fact that they would make the process hugely frustrating. Imagine being a high roller, playing and winning huge amounts of money, and then being forced to only withdraw small amounts at a time? You’d take your business somewhere else, and fast. Thankfully, most reputable online casinos have loyalty programmes in place that reward high rollers and VIPs with higher withdrawal limits – effectively thanking them for their loyalty with more relaxed withdrawal rules. How do you become a high roller? Well that’s another matter altogether, but essentially if you spend enough money over enough time and make sure to come back consistently, eventually the casino will notice and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

Can you avoid withdrawal limits?
While you’re not able to circumvent withdrawal limits altogether, it’s still worth doing research into which casinos have more lenient guidelines in place, and will therefore allow you to withdraw more money more frequently. Similarly, using one particular payment method over another can also influence the level of your withdrawal limit as well. Typically, e-wallets such as NETeller or Skrill will have less than generous withdrawal limits, while bank accounts and Bitcoin have far more generous withdrawal limits attached, making them a more attractive proposition.

How to keep your withdrawals safe
As we’ve mentioned previously, the best way to navigate any casino’s withdrawal limits is by familiarising yourself with them first – and this can only be done by reading the terms and conditions. Bear in mind as well, that all reputable online casinos and operators will always do a verification check on your account first, before approving your first withdrawal, so if this isn’t done, it’s best to look elsewhere for safe and secure gaming. Typically, these verification checks will require you to submit information such as your name, age, proof of address, ID, and so on, and often proof of your payment mechanism as well, such as a copy of your credit or debit card. Once these details are verified and approved, your withdrawal will proceed, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your casino is completely safe and secure, and adheres to best business practices.

Managing your casino withdrawals
Looking for advice on how to maximize efficiency when it comes to your casino withdrawals? Take a look at our top tips:

Think small. Not too small, but rather think about breaking your desired withdrawal sum up into smaller amounts, and requesting these over a period of time, say 4 payments of $2,000, rather than one $8,000 sum all at once. You’ll still receive your money, and it may even help you to budget with your funds in the real world.
Shop around with casinos that have more lenient withdrawal limits, as here you’ll be able to withdraw bigger amounts on a more regular basis. Check with your support team if you’re able to increase your limits manually, or find out what the requirements are for becoming a VIP or high roller, and consider going that route instead. Remember that often, casinos have different rules regarding the payouts of big jackpots, so check what these are and plan accordingly.
Don’t confuse withdrawal limits with cashout limits. Despite sounding the same, these two terms are quite different. Cashout limits refer to the amount you’re allowed to cash out based on your deposit or your bonus value. These are usually quite strict (to discourage players from claiming a bonus and then immediately withdrawing it), so you’ll need to pay close attention to these to ensure that your withdrawal isn’t declined, or worse, that your winnings aren’t confiscated. As always, read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand the limits that apply, and you won’t be facing any nasty surprises.

Now that you understand a little more about withdrawal (and cashout) limits, and how they apply to you, it’s time to get playing and winning so you have a withdrawal to request! Simply deposit money into your account, play your favourite games, and look forward to huge wins and huge excitement too!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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