Wonder Hounds

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Yes! We needed an extremely cute and loveable slot to make an appearance after all of these martial arts themed ones taking a hype right now. Wonder Hounds is a hound-themed NextGen powered slot with the classic 5 reels and 25 paylines. This also goes hand in hand with the recent Chinese New Year celebrations that took place!

Let’s get you familiar with the main characters of the game, they’re wooftastic 😛 Get ready to meet Jinse, Ace & Winchester. All 3 dogs can activate the ‘Wonderhounds Gone Wild’ Feature and when this happens, 1 or more hounds end up turning into a wild after every spin. Keep in mind, you will only find 1 hound per reel and you have the shot at triggering this feature during both the base game and the bonus game 🙂

When you see the paw symbol, get excited because it’s a scatter! Land on 3 of them in a row and you get free spins and Held Wilds. You can win 8, 12 or 15 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get. You can win between 1 and 15 wilds to add to this combo!

Overall, I found Wonder Hounds to have a really great layout, obvious cute symbols that drew me in and generous payouts. I didn’t go long without hitting a winning symbol which kept me going for quite some time. While it’s slightly lower variance, a very fun slot to play 🙂

Who else wants to play Wonder Hounds!?

Happy Spinning 🙂

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