Bitcoin and its Revenue Streams

Posted By: Date: 10/17/2017 at 5:09 pm Leave a comment

If you guys are not too familiar with Bitcoin, it is only the largest cryptocurrency in the globe today. In fact, it’s become so large that many foreign financial institutions and trading companies are seeking it to ‘mine’ and essentially add to their streams of revenue.

Bitcoin has become extremely popular in countries like Japan who have managed to seek out large companies such as GMO and Yes, these companies are mining like crazy. Mining is extremely profitable and the average estimate of DAILY profit from mining is somewhere near 8 Million….. I mean, it could be 7 million but who counts after 1?

Basically, with mining, people use special software designed to solve the cryptocurrency’s math problems and issue X number of Bitcoins to be exchanged. Since Bitcoin isn’t issued by a central bank, mining has become very popular and large companies certainly have the upper hand as they have the financial resources, time and staff to handle all of its complications…. And profit.

To mine, or not to mine?

Happy Mining 🙂

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