Different Types of Slots at Virtual Casinos

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The three basic kind of slot machines found in virtually all online casino sites are straight slots, progressive slots and bonus slots. Each of these types has their own distinct features that can cater to beginners as well as advanced players.

Slot machines are considered to be one of the most popular games found in an online casino. As a matter of fact no online gambling site is complete without some form of online slot games as part of their offerings. There are different kinds of online slots being offered by the online casinos for the benefit of the player. Here are some of the different types available.

A typical online casino offers a bevy of different types of slot games for different kinds of players. The first kinds of slot machines that you’ll find at online gambling sites are called straight slots. They are the most basic and user friendly slot games recommended for beginners. Features of this type include a set amount pay table per win. Moreover, the pay table is constant and does not change. Players also should not expect any additional jackpots. Here is how this game is played. If the player is able to land three matching symbols, all he needs to do is look at the pay table to determine how much money he has won. It is important to note that there are also several variants of the straight slots available for discerning players. These are: wild card where a particular symbol can enhance the possibility of winning, multipliers where reels offer a symbol that basically multiplies the winnings. Other variants include bonus multipliers, multiple pay lines and buy a pay options.

The next type of slot machines found at a typical online casino is called progressive slots. These games are recommended not for beginners but more for the more experienced slot machine players. The slot machine works like a typical slot game with one glaring feature. The machines are interconnected into a central jackpot that is linked to the online site or to an array of different casinos. Basically, the jackpot continues to get bigger with each losing bet until one person is able to win it all.

The last type of slot game that you can find at an online casino is basically called bonus game slots. These machines basically reward the player with free plays as long as they are able to attain a certain combination of symbols. These free spins are awarded to the player with a chance to win real money free of any fees. All of these kinds of slot games are usually found at virtually all online gambling sites.

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