How to Play Keno Online

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Keno is far from the most popular game at any land-based or online casino, but there is a select group of players who absolutely love the lottery-style game. We can attribute its distinctive lack of popularity to the simple fact that so many other gambling opportunities have a lower house edge, but there is one distinct reasons players might wish to learn more about the game of keno.

As far as online casinos are concerned, novice players may notice that keno is almost always included as an eligible game when claiming and clearing a ‘Slots-Only’ bonus. Deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses that restrict players to wagering at the operator’s variety of online slots are often much more appealing that standard all-games bonuses. The percentage matches are higher; the overall value usually increased substantially.

Although the initial promotion of the free casino bonus generally deems it for ‘slots only’, the terms and conditions will typically state that slots, keno and scratch cards are all eligible for wagering to complete the bonus’s play-through requirements. The reason for this is that slots, keno and scratch cards all have the worst payout percentages of any games. Slots only bonuses are considerably higher than traditional all-games bonuses because of those payouts percentages, making these games less attractive than some other gambling amusements, like blackjack and video poker, where strategies can be applied to drop the house edge to an absolute minimum.

Slots carry a typical payout percentage of about 95% at online casinos (as low as 80% at a live casino). Keno has just about the worst odds of all, only a 25% probability of winning for selecting and matching a single number. Selecting more numbers further decreases the odds of winning, but does have a higher payout rate, giving the house a fairly stable edge.

Originating in ancient China, Keno is a simple lottery game that depicts numbers 1-80. A player is permitted to select anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers. The more numbers a player chooses, the more likely they are to hit one, but also the more numbers he/she will be required to match in order to win, and likewise the more money they stand to win in the process. Once their numbers are selected, and the wager is placed, the game begins.

Online casino Keno is powered by a random number generator (RNG), randomly selecting 20 numbers between 1 and 80. In a live setting, the selection of numbers may be conducted by a computer, which also employs RNG technology, or by an operator who uses actual numbered balls; much like a bingo game or state lottery.

The winning numbers are displayed and any player who has selected enough of those numbers to win is paid. Selecting 20 numbers increases the player’s odds of hitting at least a few numbers, but also increases the size of the bet by the amount of numbers chosen, thus a loss can be more costly. Should a player manage to pick all 20 of the chosen numbers, an enormous jackpot is awarded.

The house edge in keno is astronomical, thus as a general rule, we would recommend staying away from it. However, there are some devout keno fans out there, and every gambling enthusiast must find their own passionate niche.

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