microulis69 Wins $103,800 as PokerStars Deals 100 Billionth Hand

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The online poker giant PokerStars has spent the last month anticipating and promoting the upcoming deal of its 100-billionth hand. On Thursday, June 13, it finally happened. Nearly 10,000 active players at the online poker site received a portion of the total $2 million in cash prizes awarded thus far, but none were so lucratively rewarded as the player who actually won the milestone hand, “microulis69”, awarded $103,800.

The 100-billionth hand was played out at a micro-limit NL Holdem 6-Max table with stakes of $0.02/$0.04. The lucky winner, microulis69, became the winner of the largest prize ever awarded in a milestone hand promotion. While microulis69 walked away with the biggest prize of $103,800, the other five participants in the hand each shared in a palpable reward of $65,460. The remaining 9,471 players who were actively participating at real-money online poker tables at the time of the landmark hand’s dealing shared in the remainder of the prize pool, totaling $830,790.34; which comes to an average of $87.72 per player.

Just before the 100,000,000,000th hand was dealt, every table across PokerStars was halted as a message arose to inform everyone that the milestone hand was about to occur. Players at the thousands of other active tables were informed that they would be given time to traverse the lobby and railbird the hand’s destined table, entitled Euryalos XI, should they wish to observe the epic event. Players at the Euryalos XI table were shown a different message that read:

“We are about to deal the 100 billionth hand on PokerStars at this table.
“We have paused the dealing to allow for spectators to find the table and watch the hand. A host will arrive shortly to guide you through the hand.
“Every player at the table will walk away with at least $10,000, and the winner of the hand will win at least $100,000!”

As expected, each of the six players participating in the benchmark hand pushed their entire stacks all-in pre-flop. Ostensibly, each would walk away with a lot more cash than they stood to lose. The flop came down, Ac 2c Jc. The lead went to microulis69 with Jd 5d, holding top pair. The 7c 3s of “Mayers666” gave the player a flush draw. “HeyitsClay” held Kh 6c, a lower flush draw but higher kicker should another King hit the board. “MoodyMiss” showed 2s 8d, bottom pair with potential. Two other players, “doc836” and “GlassGagguas”, had minimal hands with little chance of improvement. The 9d fell on the turn followed by 10d on the river to give microulis69 the win with a pair of Jacks. He scooped the pot for $31.55, along with the massive $103,800 for winning the 100 billionth hand in PokerStars history.

The payouts to the table’s participants were as follows:

  • microulis69: $103,800
  • doc836: $13,440
  • HeyitsClay: $13,440
  • GlassGagguas: $13,360
  • MoodyMiss: $12,760
  • Mayers666: $12,460

More than $2 million in prizes have already been awarded in the PokerStars 100 Billionth Hand Celebration, but the party isn’t over yet. The online poker site will continue to rejoice in the landmark event with additional promotions that will continue throughout the month of June. When all is said and done, PokerStars asserts it will dish out a minimum of $5 million in overall prizes, including Golden Sit’n’Gos, a $1m GTD Zoom 100 tourney and a $1m GTD Ultimate Freeroll, slated for June 30.

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