Some Women Prefer Online Gambling Over Facebook

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There may be millions of people all over the world with registered accounts on the mega-social network Facebook, sharing thoughts, links, videos, photos and more, but who would have thought there would be even more activity around the world at online bingo games?

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It’s true – recent survey showed online bingo has actually become more popular to some women than Facebook. The leading suspect for the surge in online bingo, and online gambling in general, is the intense number of women who are spending their spare time playing free or real-money online bingo games.

There are certainly plenty of men playing online bingo as well, but the fact is, the female population makes up a substantial majority of the online bingo community. It is estimated that the reason so many ladies are attracted to online bingo games is the safe and secure social atmosphere.

Sure, anyone can post their thoughts on Facebook and sit there waiting for someone to comment, or you could get into an online bingo game, fully equipped with non-stop entertainment as well as an active chat area where the conversation is always light-hearted and jovial.

The biggest trend coming from online gambling operators in the last 12 months has been a significant boost in their promotional campaigns. It has forever been a competitive industry, but as the economy is faltering in some areas, more and more individuals are looking for added entertainment value from the comfort (and cost effectiveness) of home. The influx of new online bingo players has resulted in some fantastic promotions from the biggest internet bingo halls.

A fan of the game can register an account with any one of the 300-400 online bingo sites floating about cyberspace and claim a hefty sign up bonus, many of which do not even require a deposit to claim. In this way, players are able to partake in free online bingo games with a chance to win real cash prizes; no risk to their own pocket books.

You’ll find online bingo sites to fit just about every theme imaginable, and as you might envisage, many of them are pink and/or purple, with frilly lacings and other ornamentations that tend to attract members of the female persuasion. But don’t worry all you guys out there that love a good bingo game. There are also a number of online bingo sites geared towards the male gender, as well as many that cater their designs to appease all, and their bingo bonuses are just as tantalizing as the rest.

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