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Posted By: Date: 12/21/2021

The end of the year is traditionally a more expensive time for most of us – so we don’t know about you, but we definitely wouldn’t say no to a bit of luck in the financial department! As you may already know, luck is hugely... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 09/23/2019

We’ve already filled you in on how certain plants can help to bring wealth, good fortune and prosperity into your life – now let’s take a look at some other plants thought to manifest luck and success. Palms Want to improve the feng shui in... Read More »

Posted By: Date: 09/20/2019

Horseshoes, rabbits’ feet, the colour red – the list of charms and superstitions we use to bring about good fortune is almost endless. Of course, it’s never been proven definitively whether any of these totems or behaviours actually work – although there’s something to be... Read More »