Lucky Plants: Part 2

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We’ve already filled you in on how certain plants can help to bring wealth, good fortune and prosperity into your life – now let’s take a look at some other plants thought to manifest luck and success.

Want to improve the feng shui in your home? Palms are the way to do it! Find a suitable indoor palm, plant it in a pretty planter, and you’ll instantly welcome good energy into your living space – along with some fresh, beachy vibes as well. Even better, palms can also help to remove harmful elements, such as xylene and formaldehyde from carpets, so not only do they help to bring in positivity, they can clear out negativity too. Talk about pulling double duty!

Four Leaf Clover
Yes yes, we probably should have put this entry right at the very top of our lucky list – of course four leaf clovers (or shamrocks) are thought to be lucky. What’s more, unlike palms and bamboo, they can actually fit in your pocket, so you can take your lucky charm with you wherever you go. Famed in Irish folklore for being lucky, four leaf clovers represent faith, love, luck and hope – so if you’re ever fortunate enough to stumble across one, keep it safe and you could see your life completely transformed! If you believe in that sort of thing, of course…

Peonies are known for their gorgeous scent, and their range of beautiful colours – but did you know they’re also thought to bring good luck and romance as well? If you’re on the lookout for a partner, fill your home with peonies and see if your luck changes – but make sure to only have even numbers of peonies, as an odd number is said to bring bad luck. Also avoid having any at all in your bedroom, either the actual flower itself or pictures of it, as feng shui experts say that this could cause an affair in a partnership. We’re not sure how true this is, but we’re not taking any chances…

Money Tree
It’s right there in the name – how could any plant called ‘Money Tree’ bring about anything but good fortune and wealth? Feng shui followers would agree, as the tree’s leaves symbolise the five main elements of the practice, namely fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Having a money tree in your home is said to bring happiness, particularly to the person taking care of it – so if you’ve never given plant maintenance a try before, now’s the time to start! It’s said that plaiting three to five money trees together when they’re young can help to increase their ability to bring about wealth and good luck – however avoid having four money trees in your home, as this is thought to bring bad luck instead. Make sure you have the right number and that you look after them carefully, and who knows – you could soon find that money actually does grow on trees!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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