Lucky Plants: Part 1

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Horseshoes, rabbits’ feet, the colour red – the list of charms and superstitions we use to bring about good fortune is almost endless. Of course, it’s never been proven definitively whether any of these totems or behaviours actually work – although there’s something to be said for the positive frame of mind that simply having these talismans can create. So if you believe in the power of good luck charms, there’s no harm in having one around whenever you need a change of fortune. And if you’re looking for a way to bring more prosperity into your life, why not try one of the many trees, flowers or plants that are believed to bring good luck? They’re beautiful, they’re environmentally friendly, and best of all, long-lasting!

It’s not just a panda’s favourite snack – turns out it’s lucky as well. If your local nursery has any bamboo, bring some home, keep it away from the sun in a space with medium light, and replenish its water regularly in order to keep it thriving. How much bamboo should you buy? Here’s where feng shui comes into play, as different numbers of bamboo stalks have different meanings. If you’re looking for wealth and happiness you’ll need three, then five for wealth on its own, six for good luck, seven for good health, eight for growth and ten for completions. Or if you want to be completely extra about it, arrange 21 stalks for continued health and significant wealth. Simply keep your bamboo in a vase with water, anchor it with stones for aesthetic appeal, and wait for your luck to change for the better!

They can be a little finicky to take care of, and are a sub-culture all their own, but orchids are also thought to bring good luck to a home. Even better, as there are so many different colours and varieties (over 25 000 species in fact), you’re sure to find the exact type of orchid to suit your own personal taste. It may take a while to understand exactly how to look after an orchid, but once you’re comfortable with its upkeep, place one in your home, your office, or another suitable area, and wait to see if good fortune comes your way!

Hawaiian Ti Plant
If it’s colour you’re after, then try a Hawaiian Ti plant in your choice of green, pink, burgundy or even fuchsia. Believed by early Polynesians to possess mystical powers, the Ti plant is thought to bring good luck into the home – so if you’re fan of at-home online casino play, this could be just the bankroll boost you need! Looking for even more good fortune? Find a Ti plant with two stalks in one pot, and you won’t just double your luck, you’ll find love too.

Jade Plant
As it’s also known as the Money plant, or Lucky plant, the fact that the Jade plant is said to bring good fortune is a dead giveaway. Another plant that works well with feng shui, the Jade plant brings harmony and balance to life, and can live for years if maintained in proper conditions. Place it at the entrance of your home to invite prosperity and success inside, and look forward to luck in life and in love!

Go out and buy some before before you spin!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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