The world’s most expensive cigars

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Cigars – they’re an acquired taste, but also one associated with wealth and affluence. A richly furnished room, a glass of premium whisky, and a wisp of cigar smoke floating in the air – it’s the picture of prosperity. And while it’s possible for cigar lovers to enjoy less expensive varieties, true aficionados know that real quality costs a little more – as this look at the world’s most exclusive cigars will attest.

Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF – $55 each
Only $55 a cigar? That’s not too bad, is it? Sure, other people might prioritise groceries over a single cigar, but if you’ve got the funds (or even a casino jackpot in your back pocket), why not splurge a little? Crafted from Dominican tobacco and manufactured by famed cigar maker Arturo Fuente, the Opus X BBMF is part of a limited range of cigars, each one seven inches long, with a lightly spiced oaky, mellow flavour and hints of espresso and leather. Despite first being produced in 1995, today the Opus X BBMF is harder to come by due to its sought-after popularity – which is where its $55 price tag comes in. We can’t tell you where to find one of your own, but we can tell you not to ask us what the BBMF stands for. You don’t want to know…

King of Denmark – $150 each
Looking for something a little more personal? Then try a King of Denmark cigar, a steal at just $150. Each. Why so much? Because each cigar is completely personalised – crafted from ultra-premium tobacco by the Royal Danish Cigar Company, embellished with Swarovski crystals, gently cocooned in gold foil, and then printed with the buyer’s name. Still in? Then you’ll want to place your order well in advance, as with only 30 cigars produced per day, production is extremely limited, and we’re sure the waiting list is long.

The AniverXario – $7 500 per box
Back to Arturo Fuente, and this time to their AniverXario cigar – one created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the manufacturer, and available in exclusive humidors spacious enough to accommodate a total of 96 cigars each.

What makes the AniverXario such a stand-out? Aside from its $7 500 price tag, its seven-year-old aged tobacco, encased in sun-grown or natural wrapper leaves from the Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic. With a choice of ebony, sycamore, maple, or walnut for the humidor, each box of AniverXario cigars is one to be treasured and savoured – so if you’re thinking of sharing any with your friends, you’d better make sure it’s an occasion worth celebrating!

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve – $750 each/$15 000
Now let’s take a huge leap forward price-wise, all the way to $750 per cigar. This is what you’ll pay for just one Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve – a cigar hand-crafted from 18-year-old aged tobacco, and soaked in Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac for a completely unique, completely distinctive flavour, characterised by chocolate undertones. Enfolded in singular Dominican wrappers, just one box of 20 His Majesty’s Reserve will set you back an impressive $15 000 – so if you’re going to purchase one, perhaps keep it for yourself rather than give it away as a gift. And when you do sit down to enjoy one, pour yourself a complementary glass of Louis XIII de Rémy Martin cognac to enjoy at the same time – a steal at just $2 500.

Gurkha Black Dragon – $1 150 each/$115 000
Still with Gurkha but this time going completely over the top with the Black Dragon – an even more expensive cigar variety, coming in at $115 000 per box. Per box! Take a closer look (or even a puff) though, and you’ll understand why. Crafted from Honduran tobacco leaves with a blend of cured Dominican filler, each Black Dragon has a distinctively robust flavour, with tones of leather, peat and spice. More than simply containing some of the finest tobaccos in the world however, the Gurkha Black Dragon is housed in an equally impressive box, handcrafted from camel bone with space for 100 cigars in each one. So if it’s the end of the month, stick to buying one, and if it’s the beginning of the month, splash out on a whole box! It’s not like it’s expensive or anything…

Cohiba Behike – $18 000 per box
We’ll be honest, Cohiba is the only type of cigar we’d heard of prior to this – and no wonder, as it’s one of the most famous cigar producers in the world. Like most of the other entries on our list, the Cohiba Behike was produced as a special edition cigar in 2006, one designed to honour the manufacturer’s 40th birthday. Combining several varieties of Cuban tobacco, the Cohiba Behike was named for a Taino Indian chieftain – and its impact on cigar aficionados was just as powerful. Released in only 100 humidors of bone, ebony, and skate skin, each one fitting just 40 cigars, the Cohiba Behike line is worth a massive $18 000 per box… although if you’re a little strapped for cash, there are less pricy versions of the original available. Right now, we’d settle for just a single cigar and a quiet place to enjoy it.

Regius Double Corona – $52 785
Taking a huge leap into WTF territory, the Regius Double Corona comes with an almost unbelievable price tag of over $52 000 – but stay with us here, because there’s a reason. Place an order for the Double Corona and you won’t just receive a box of cigars, you’ll be treated to an entire experience as well. To start with, you’ll be flown first class to the company’s headquarters where you’ll have a guided tour of the entire production process. You’ll then lend a hand in developing your own personalised blend, and you’ll receive 1 000 custom-made cigars complete with their own boxes. The last person to pay the hefty price was businessman Callum Jones who spent $54 000 in 2013. Who knows – if you hit the jackpot, the next name on that prestigious list could be yours!

Happy Spinning 🙂

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