UK Player wins £81K at InstaCasino

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A little Thursday Inspiration for everybody. Here is solid proof that it only takes one shot to win big and that perseverance is key!

Guns N' Roses online Slot MachineJust to give you a little background information: another mundane week night in the east end of London. A gentleman decides to test his luck on a few slots at InstaCasino, particularly, Guns N’ Roses. Naturally, he started off big making 13 $100 bets until his bank account was completely empty. Can you say heart attack?

This did not stop him; in fact, one might see it as encouragement. He made a second deposit of $4000 and finally hit a jackpot of over $7000!

This player clearly only had one thing on his mind: money. After seeing $13K in his bankroll (which by the way, most players would be more than happy to cash out and call it quits), he continued to play. After spinning the reels on Jimi Hendrix slot, he won another near $10K.

After already winning all of this money, the player decides to push his luck and take a chance on Steam Tower slot. Sure enough, he lands a $35K jackpot. He now has $40K in his bankroll…… and guess what? He STILL keeps playing! He spun the reels of Spartacus and wins another $44K totalling a win for the night of $81K!! Now that’s what I call a productive evening.

Note of the day: Sometimes, you have to take chances in life to get ahead 🙂

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