Liberty Slots Player Wins Big!

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Sooo this little story is to get you through the week and give you a little inspiration to hang in there if you’re one of the many still waiting for their big payday. Liberty Slots (One of my favorites to play at!) awards a whopping $20K!

On July the 5th, Kim D from Pennsylvania only bet 3 pennies and turned it into almost $20,000 while playing the famous Lucky Sevens slot. Earlier on in the day, she won a $2 chip from Liberty’s free tournament…. It was a consolation prize and she turned it into 20K! Kim didn’t use a penny of her own money to win the big payday. More often than not players (such as myself) will have to deposit a little bit of money, a top up if you will, in order to gain a profit. Not for Kim!

Lastly, I we haven’t already bragged enough about how great Liberty Slots is, this should turn you into a fan. Kim admitted doing a lot of research on which slots are the safest to play on and which casino has the best reputation. After all of her careful research, she ended up choosing Liberty Slots!

Get your big payday right here!

Happy Spinning and Good Luck 🙂

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