Liberty Player Wins the Big One!

Posted By: Date: 01/30/2018 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

Let’s end the month on a high note and mention one enormous winner at Liberty Slots. A long-time Liberty player from California decided to play the famous Agent Cash slot and won a pretty big jackpot of $8,500. Most people might decide to hit and run with that kind of money. She continued to try her luck and spin the reels winning another $11,000. After this, she finally decided to call it quits and leave the game ahead.

The following day, she played Agent Cash yet again and won another $65,000. Getting used to Agent Cash’s generous payouts, she decided to play the following day winning $21,000 and within minutes after, another $32,000. I think she has used up all of her good luck for the year of 2018, wouldn’t you say? This has been one heck of a winning streak, unlike few we have ever heard of.

Liberty casino as well as the team here at no deposit bonuses are extremely happy for her wins! Maybe you’re the next one 🙂

Happy Spinning!

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