US Gambling Domains Up for Auction Wednesday

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With probable online gambling legalization in parts of the United States projected for the near future, Gambling Invest is preparing to auction off more than 2,300 gambling domains, some with incredible potential for keyword domination. The company announced its intention to auction off the domains more than a month ago, but the official date has now been set for Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

In recent weeks, New Jersey passed online gambling legislation with flying colors, receiving majority vote from both houses. Governor Chris Christie is expected to sign the bill into effect any time now, which should see online casino and online poker license applications up for grabs by as early as mid 2011.

A number of other states are expected to follow suit, namely California, a state that has been trying to push for online gambling legislation for several years running. With the impending legalization from New Jersey in the balance, the moment Governor Christie puts his John Hancock on the paper, it just might be the extra nudge the United States government needs to finally regulate and tax online gambling on a federal level as well.

Gambling Invest is well aware that the value of its gambling domains is going to sky rocket when the first US online gambling law goes into full effect, thus making this the perfect time for investors to snatch up the most accommodating domains in the auction.

Some of the more notable domains with the premium .us suffix that will be hitting the auction block this week will be, and, among many others.

“US facing domains are just a part of the great selection of gambling names offered for sale by Gambling Invest,” stated the website’s founder Pierluigi Buccioli. “The auction includes also brandable domains like, and as well as many names at bargain prices with lots of potential for development.”

Buccioli was quick to point out that, “While domain auctions are generally created for domain investors, the gambling names offered in the Gambling Invest online sale have a real appeal for gambling operators and affiliates alike.”

The domain auction house focuses its attentions on auctioning domain names with the highest potential for search engine marketing. When properly managed, keyword presence is one of the most effective ways to market a website for optimal search engine influence. Thus many of these gambling domains hold incredible advantages in terms of investment potential.

Gambling Domains London will hold the auction on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 8pm (UK time), continuing until 8pm February 2nd. You can peruse the full range of gambling domains up for auction at

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