Warning Signs of Rogue Online Casinos

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With hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos frolicking through cyber space, you can bet your bottom dollar that not all of them are operating legitimately. When a gaming site fails to live up to the expected standards of its industry, it can quickly earn the label of a rogue online casino.


This is the number one reason an online casino may be deemed rogue. It’s a terrible truth, but some online casinos simply do not pay some or any of their players. They are happy to take deposits, and perfectly willing to hand out hundreds if not thousands in bonus credits, but they may come back with any illogical excuse to deny payments.

The most common reason given is “bonus abuse”?. When a player happens to complete the wagering requirements on a free casino bonus ““ something every online casino is counting on not happening ““ a rogue operator will often pull every card from the book to claim the player abused the bonus. So long as a player follows all of the bonus conditions, they should be permitted to withdrawal a portion or all of the bonus winnings, as stated in the terms. When an online casino regularly denies these withdrawals on unfounded grounds, they are considered rogue.

Excessively Slow Payments

Some online casinos will delay payments for an excessive amount of time, up to 2 months or more. In most cases, we deem these rogue operators. It is not uncommon for a gaming site to use the unethical tactics of denying a withdrawal on the first attempt in the hopes that that player will simply continue wagering and lose all of the winnings they had intended to cashout. But when an operator consistently slows up the processing speed beyond a reasonable period of time, they may find themselves on the rogue casino list.

Negligent Customer Support

Reliable customer support is one of the most important aspects any player looks for in an online casino. If the support team is unreachable, unhelpful, unknowledgeable or otherwise neglectful of the customers they are supposed to be assisting, it can be beyond frustrating for players. Negligent customer support is often linked to the slow payments noted above, giving players a complete run around as to why their withdrawals are rejected, delayed or not received.

Be Wary of Costa Rican Licenses

Online casinos that boast a license from Costa Rica are the most likely to be rogue. To be perfectly clear, not all Costa Rican operators are rogue. However, Costa Rica does not enforce any laws in regards to regulating its licensees. There isn’t a single law that obligates these gaming sites to operate in an upstanding manner. The only law they must abide by states that they cannot provide their services to Costa Rican citizens. In the same token, most online casinos that accept USA players are licensed in Costa Rica, and there are some very reputable ones out there.

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