First Ever Bitcoin Cash Embassy!

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Since Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, why not open up a Bitcoin Cash Embassy? At least this is the mindset Cyprus is taking on. In Limassol Cyprus, they are getting ready to launch their first Bitcoin Cash Embassy in early 2018. Their goal is for people to gather there and have it operate like a community centre where people can discuss cryptocurrencies and join in on free chats, meet-ups, conferences by experts of the industry.

This is a very ideal location to hold a crypto embassy since it happens to be the exact location where a multitude of offshore financial institutions hold and trade currencies/funds for much of Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Before you know it, businesses will start to accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment! Bitcoin Cash is the new and safer version of Bitcoin and many worldwide financial experts and businesses are seeing it as the new global system for payments.

Cryptocurrencies need Embassies too, right? What are your thoughts?

Happy Spinning 🙂

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