Multi-State Online Competition Launches

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In what can only be described as the largest evolutionary leap forward in online gambling since online gambling itself was legalized, an agreement was signed that allows users in different states to play competitively against each other.

The Multi-State Poker Network, or MSPN, is the first agreement of its kind in the United States. The agreement allows users in both Nevada and Delaware to play competitively against each other. The deal was struck because of a single online poker firm that has a presence in both states.

It should be noted that the deal does not include New Jersey, and should other states legalize online gambling, such as California or Pennsylvania, it would likely be years before they’re able to join the MSPN.

This is a huge deal for Delaware. Nevada’s already a huge gambling state, but of the three states where online gambling is legalized, Delaware is in last place. This could be explained by a lot of reasons, but the most obvious and logical reason is the lack of people in the state. Nevada has nearly 3 million residents, but Delaware doesn’t even have a million.

With the MSPN, it gives players a brand new reason to play. Combined with the competitive nature of the Multi-State Poker Network and enticing no deposit promotions, current players have a reason to come back and new players have a reason to give it a shot.

This is the first advancement of its sort for online gambling. Traditionally, users were limited to competing against other users in their state. This advancement comes at a critical time in the life of online gambling. Earlier this week, the hearing for RAWA was held. RAWA, or the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, aims to end online gambling altogether. This network is exactly the type of movement that needed to happen to prove the worth of online gambling and how it can not only prove valuable to individual states, but to the nation altogether.

Delaware has never had the strongest showing in the world of online gambling, and most of the games weren’t full. Even at peak times, there were just a few dozen players. Now that the MSPN is in place, peak traffic has already topped 350 players in Delaware, showing that traffic has already increased because of the announcement.

There are currently no plans to allow New Jersey to join the network. Though New Jersey’s inclusion would undoubtedly bring a ton of traffic and cash to the network, the parent company is unable to do so because they don’t have a presence in New Jersey.

Should the Multi-State Poker Network prove to be successful, it’ll become yet another positive point in the argument for legalization of online gambling.

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