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Posted By: Date: 02/04/2012

90 Ball Bingo is the favored bingo game all across Europe. Derived from the traditional North American version of 75 Ball Bingo, the European form uses more numbers, 1 through 90, on a more diversely designed ticket that allows for up to 3 winners per game, instead of the usual single winner in 75 Ball Bingo.

Posted By: Date: 02/03/2012

80 Ball Bingo is a variation of the 75-Ball Bingo game popular throughout North America. The game is played under the title 80 Ball Bingo, or Shutter Board Bingo, at both live and online bingo halls. It is not as popular is it's 75 Ball and 90 Ball cousins, but it does hold a certain charm for some bingo fans.

Posted By: Date: 02/02/2012

The traditional North American version of bingo, widely known as 75 Ball Bingo, is the original form of the game, dating back to the late 1920s. It is the most commonly played bingo game across North America, and is the highest source of charity derived funds throughout the US.

Posted By: Date: 02/01/2012

There is a relatively new form of bingo, mostly played over the internet, known as 30 Ball Bingo, or Speed Bingo. The rules of the game are very similar to 75 Ball Bingo except that the game utilizes only 30 numbered balls, a smaller bingo card, and it progresses much faster than a standard bingo game.

Posted By: Date: 01/09/2011

Anyone who gambles over the internet, especially online bingo fanatics, can appreciate a chance to get a free lottery ticket. Bingo and lottery games have a lot in common, actually, so it should be no surprise that leading UK online bingo room, Tombola, is giving out free tickets to the National Lottery.

Posted By: Date: 12/20/2010

Winning several hundred at an online bingo room will incite a lot of people to call you lucky. So what is the appropriate term for a player who wins £210,000; fortunate, blessed, providential? Whatever term you think applies best, aim it at the Ladbrokes Bingo player going by the nickname of 'bevs_the_boss'.

Posted By: Date: 10/17/2010

There's a new name rising among the online bingo industry that could have Edwin S. Lowe, the inventor of Bingo himself, rolling over in his grave. Rollover Bingo entered the market just a few short months ago and is already attracting a massive player base through ingenious marketing and promotional campaigns.

Posted By: Date: 10/13/2010

Online bingo heavyweight Tombola Bingo has been steadily working its way up the industry totem pole, but a fresh promotional approach may be just the necessary kick the company needed to realize its full potential among such a competitive UK market.